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We are Digital Product Agency focused on finding simple solutions to complex challenges.
We build connection with our clients through partnership, transparency and collective collaboration.

who we are?

We’re Pragma and we’ve been busy partnering with brands to improve lives of their customers

We operate in the area were your business harmonize with your market. We are made to learn, grow and create. We invite our clients to be a part of the design process which results in creation of close relationship and let us immerse their business.




Human at heart

Keeping people at heart of our work enables us to turn vision into life. We see a deeper meaning in our mission - to deliver solutions that solve real problems and eventually help people.


Creative minds influenced by technology

The combination of tech and high quality design is a node that strenghten the experience. In our work we combine these ingredients to get unique results.


Partners, not clients

Inviting our clients to be a part of design process not only enables us to create close relationships but also immerse in their business. As a result we invest less time in unessential activities.


Stay hungry, stay foolish

We built an environment for passionate experts on common values of craftmanship, quality and constant growth. We challenge everything and encourage collaboration that leads to different ways of thinking.

Our designers made friends with both big brands and startups

Throughout their careers they made friends and worked with:


Redesigned mobile experience for the second biggest e-commerce in Poland, with a constant cooperation between many departments.

Accord Healthcare

We design digital products for one of the fastest growing generic pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Vertex Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an American biopharmaceutical company. We help in the development and maintenance of digital products.


One of the most significant departments of IKEA decided to expand their services and translate offine services into a brand new digital platform.


The goal was to increase conversion and make redesign of an e-commerce. Following website release core “Home Try On” service CR increased by 400%.

Restaurant Week

Main chalenges of the project were: increasing conversion rate on mobile, complete redesign aligning with new marketing strategy, very tight deadline.


BeamUp is an application that solves the problem of going out with friends. Helps to find an interesting event, buy tickets for it and split costs.


The goal was to redesign and unify two websites, so that customer will have all knowledge about products and the ability to order a meal in one place.

And many, many more

Most notable ones: PwC, Polski Bus, Orange, ABRSM, NC+, Kompania Piwowarska, Beerlovers, Textile-One

Areas of Expertise

Understand the Context, clarify the Purpose

Shared understanding is the key. Research makes decision-making so much faster and helps to minimize risk and costs.

  • Research & Discovery
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Business Analysis
  • Expert Audits

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Form Value Proposition, solve the right problem

We shape a vision and develop a strategy to make sure that the business vision, user needs and technical capabilities are perfectly aligned, so we can work on solid foundations.

  • Value Proposition
  • Product Strategy
  • Go-to market plan
  • Validation

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Create for now, optimize for the future

We do not stop when design and development is ready. We belive that in order to ensure a succesfull project, continous follow-up and optimization is necessary.

  • Product Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Development
  • Analytics & Optimization

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